WCA Coaches’ Weekly Report

Coaches’ Weekly Report

March 2, 2021

I had a moment of gratitude at our basketball games this last week for what an amazing team of coaches, staff, administration, families, community support, and student-athletes we have here at Windsor Charter Academy.  We all play a pivotal role in providing athletic opportunities for our students. Thank you!   

Upcoming important Reminders:

March Coaches Collaboration Your task is to work with your collaborative partner (in the document) to discuss our March coaches collaboration conversation questions during the month. This will guide our discussion at our one-on-one Coaches’ meetings as your mid-year review AD meeting. 

March 24th CPR Class Registration – Please register if you need to recertify for CPR!


Check out this week’s edition of the Firebird Word Firebirds HS Athletics Weekly Update

Don’t forget to submit your weekly Firebird Word communication update on Monday each week!


Transformational Leadership

The Transformational Leader is someone who inspires others to go further than what they are capable of.  Take a few minutes to check out the below media link(s) for great insight and inspiration!


Thanks, Coach Dellapina for the reminder about confidence, blocking out the negative and growth over the outcome! 



THE COACH AND THE GEEK is a fictional story written for business leaders. This story follows the challenges of a college basketball coach who is about to lose his job. The team has talent, but the culture is trapped within a history of failure, negativity, and blame. Through fate, he meets a senior software manager (aka Coach Geek) who just got fired. Together, they develop an unlikely partnership and new approach that changes their team, their season, and their lives. Learn how to coach, connect with, gain buy-in, and build accountability in your team. Throughout the book, the authors share many actionable lessons from their lives as coaches and leaders.



So many people right now are convinced that their circumstances are the reasons they can’t be successful and content. Here is the reality.

Your circumstances are never the reasons you can’t succeed, they are simply the reality in which you must succeed. AND, you will always have extenuating circumstances that you can use as reasons, stories and excuses for lack of results and why your happiness is fleeting.

They may all be true and valid reasons. Unfortunately, they are still just reasons, stories and excuses.

With that being said, we know many of you out there are experiencing less than ideal circumstances right now and navigating situations you never envisioned you’d be in during your career.

This universal principle still remains true. These circumstances are simply your assignment and the place in which you can joyfully add value next.

Watch the video below for a technique you can use to never blame your circumstances again. Call yourself to greatness with Cy’s secret technique and use it to toggle your teams up as well.

Time to go succeed anyway. Together.

Professional Development & Evaluation

With our sports seasons fully underway, we will be moving to weekly one-on-one meetings for in-season coaches to assure that adequate support is provided for each program.  As we are planning for next year, please provide feedback in terms of the best option to meet our goal of 8 total professional development hours.


  1. 1-hour meeting each month
  2. Quarterly 2-hour meetings
  3. 2 4-hour retreats


MaxPreps (High School Head Volleyball, Basketball and Soccer Coaches)

Please create a MaxPreps coaches account and select Windsor Charter Academy.  Basic instructions for membership are here.  

CHSCA Membership

Under guidance from CHSAA, all HS coaches are encouraged to register for the Colorado High School Coaches Association 



WCA Athletics Vision/Mission & Core Values

Vision: The WCA athletics program inspires, motivates, and empowers student-athletes through positive, life-changing, competitive activities.

Mission: In the spirit of WCA High School Athletics/Activities, which provides its students with educational opportunities both broad and deep, we are committed to sustaining a culture of values and codes. Athletics plays an essential role in teaching students to conduct themselves with honesty and integrity, make sacrifices, strive for excellence, persevere through adversity, and compete with dignity and pride while developing a commitment to teamwork, and service to our high school and community. We motivate our athletes to strive for greatness on and off the field.  We support our athletes using sports and activities as a tool to teach life lessons.

Core Values

  • Accountability
  • Growth
  • Leadership
  • Character development
  • Greatness


Coaches Portal

Please utilize the COACHES PORTAL for important links and resources.